Monday, September 2, 2013

Currently September

Y' is September...and it is still super hot outside! So much for fall, right? I am linking up with the Fantastic Farley from Oh Boy, 4th Grade for her monthly CURRENTLY!

Listening: When I started typing this, I was watching America's Got Talent...but I got distracted, and now I am watching Love It or List It on HGTV. LOVE this show! It stresses me out every time because there is ALWAYS something that goes wrong...but it mostly has a happy ending...which I love. 

Loving: I am SO thrilled with my decision to move to a new school. Besides being closer to home, the people are great, I love my classroom (reveal coming this week!) and my students are awesome. It sure is nice only driving 7 minutes to get there! I just can't wait to get into a routine so that I don't need to be there at 7 AM. Our contract hours are roughly from 8-4, and I just can't bring myself to leave the house at 7:45! 

Thinking: I have been teaching for 7 years (this is my 8th) and I am blessed to have a student teacher this year! She starts on Wednesday and I am super pumped. Will post more on this after I meet her!

Wanting: This is a no-brainer and I bet every one of you out there reading this agrees with me! This weekend has been glorious...except for...

Needing: A NEW AC UNIT! We came home Friday after a week of work and just wanted to relax. It felt warm in the house, but our AC is essentially turned up during the day and cools down when we get home. We just attributed the warmth to the hot day it was outside. We went for dinner, and when we got home, it was 84 degrees! Our poor dog! After making a few phone calls, we set off to my parents house to stay for the night. Our dog, Banjo, was delighted! He loves going to grandma and grandpa's house and he's never been allowed to have a sleepover!

The next morning, we headed back to our house to meet the AC repairman. He told us that a few things needed to be replaced and then he would be on his way! Music to my ears because it was SO disgustingly hot outside and inside. I was watching the Aggie game when the power went out throughout the entire house! When he flipped the switch, the power tripped! GREAT. Low and behold, he was wrong, and we needed a new compressor. However, our house and unit is 10 years old and because it uses an older kind of freon, it didn't make sense to replace an expensive part. SO, we had to purchase a BRAND. NEW. UNIT. Who knew they cost so much?!? I did...but I thought we would have moved before having to deal with it! Because it is Labor Day weekend...the SOONEST it could be replaced was Tuesday. Awesome. So, we have been at my parents house all weekend long. Technically, we went out of town for the weekend since they live in the next town over :).

I can't wait to go home tomorrow after work! Luckily my hubby will be home to oversee the repair. I'll be in my air conditioned classroom :)


  1. Love it! We've got a lot in common! I too need to leave at 4:30 and leave work at work. My house is also icky-sticky hot, but that's because it's unusually humid and our swamp cooler doesn't work in humidity! And who doesn't wish for a three day weekend every week??

    Happy Teaching!

    Lauren @ Love2bMrsB

  2. I hope you get that new AC soon! Being from next door Louisiana, I can attest to the heat not being fun. This year, I moved to 7th-8th grade math from my 3rd grade home for over a decade! I'm your newest follower!

    Ms. Julie aka Southern Teacher
    Southern Teacher WBT

  3. LOVE your wanting! Can we petition to make that happen?!?

    Mathematically yours,
    Jamie aka MissMathDork!

  4. I'm with ya on leaving work at work. That's a tough one for me too! I'm contracted to work 7:30-3:30 and I have been known to stay until 6-7ish. I want to leave no later than 4! I used to get to school at 7, but I rolled in at 7:25 all week (the first week!) I hope I get back to my regular schedule. I felt awfully naughty getting in that "late."

    Elementary Expedition

  5. Sorry you had no AC all weekend... but I'm super jealous you have it in your school! My classroom is a sweatbox so I'm hoping the weather gets cooler fast! Can't wait to see pics of your room!

    Floating Through Fifth

  6. That's so great that you are at a new school that you love! Sorry about your AC... I live in Arizona, and if that happens we pretty much die of heat stroke. Haha.


  7. I'm watching Love It or List It right now, too! We had to replace our AC this summer. August. Texas. No AC. There went a pile of money! Hope you get cooled off soon!

    I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

  8. Poor Banjo, since it's harder for dogs considering their fur. Fortunately, you caught on to that AC problem quickly. A brand new model is rather expensive, but considering that newer models are more durable and energy efficient than older ones, I think it's all good.

    Esco Services Inc