Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Freebie - Table of Contents for Interactive Notebooks

Hello, there!

This is just a quick post to share something I made last night for my kiddos and I thought I would share with all of you!

If your students are like mine, it takes them FOREVER to set up their Interactive Notebooks that first week of school. Maybe they are still on summer break, maybe they are perfectionists, maybe it is something else, but it drives me bananas that they cannot number from 1-160 in less than 5 minutes. I do not know why it is so hard. But, then again, there is a lot about middle schoolers that leaves me completely befuddled.

So, after several years of going through the agony that is setting up the table of contents page, I am ELIMINATING the worst part by printing out the table of contents page for them. I am going to print this two sheets to a page, front and back to get this all on one sheet of legal paper. As soon as I get to the copier at school, I will post a picture on my FB page to show you what I mean!

I hope that this will be helpful to you! You can find it for FREE in my TPT store!

Also, today is the LAST day for this fabulous giveaway! Even if you have entered before, you can still share this giveaway again to gain more entries! Good luck and stay tuned for the announcement of the winners on my blog tomorrow!

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  1. Thank you for your Giveaway. If I were to choose something from your store, I would probably choose the Middle School Math Back to School Activities BUNDLE because we work with students of all ages.