Thursday, January 15, 2015

Secondary Smorgasbord Link-Up: Out of the Deep Freeze!

I sure would like things to thaw out around here...we haven't seen the sun in what seems like weeks! Cold and rainy around these here parts! This seems like the perfect time to join in with a bunch of secondary bloggers and take our best products out of the deep freeze!

This link-up is hosted by the ELA Buffet and Desktop Learning Adventures.

I don't know about you, but when we come back from Winter Break, the focus is on test prep. And, since I am from Texas, it is all about the STAAR test! I have worked tirelessly to make sure that the task cards I made last year have been updated to reflect the new TEKS and I have even started using them in my classroom as warm-ups and exit tickets to spiral in some content that was taught first semester to ensure that my students don't see questions like this for the first time on the actual test. 

Right now, I have completed sets for 6th and 7th grade and half of the sets for 5th grade completed. For 6th grade, I need to finish the TEKS for Personal Financial Literacy, and that will be done within the next few weeks.

This is such a great resource because each set has 4 task cards per standard. That means your students will get exposure to STAAR-type questions multiple times whereas on a released test you might see one or two if you are lucky! The other bonus is that there are VERY few materials to help prepare for STAAR math this year since the TEKS are brand spanking new.

This was one of my best selling products last year and many teachers saw great results. If you own these, remember to go back to TPT and re-download so that you get the newest version. 

Don't have them? Click the images above to be taken directly to the listing or click here to view all of my STAAR resources. Be sure to check out what other secondary teachers are taking out of the deep freeze!


  1. Wow, Danielle! That's a lot of work to update all those cards. You're right- it's crunch time for teachers and students. What a great resource to help with the process!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Desktop Learning Adventures

  2. I absolutely love those cards and use dth eheck out of them last year. Thanks for the update!!

    Hodges Herald

  3. State mandated testing .... don't even get me started! But I do love your approach to getting your students prepared. Best!

  4. What a great way to prepare for standardized testing. No wonder they're such a hit!

  5. I like how you've structured these cards. What a good idea!

  6. Wow! Your tests are early, aren't they? Your kids are lucky to have such a great review! I think other teachers should snap them up!

  7. Whether for the STARR test or not, all students need to learn about Personal Finance. Such great lessons!

    Michele Luck
    A Lesson Plan for Teachers

  8. Where were these wonderfully creative and confidence-building activities when I was taking math? They would have broken through the "I don't understand" ice that so often froze my brain. Nice ideas!

    Happy Teaching,