Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Custom Plan Book Dividers!

I guess since I have done a few custom orders based on my original post here, I should let everyone know that I have started to make custom, personalized binder pages for a plan book! This is not a complete plan book...but a digital file for the dividers you would use to put together your own planner/teacher binder. There are tons available on Teachers pay Teachers, but I couldn't find one that suited me perfectly. So I made my own...and then a few more wanted some of their own!

Having just the dividers made for you allows you to still use whatever lesson plan format your school or district wants you to use or you can just use something that works for you! What works for me as a middle school math teacher may not work for a 2nd grade teacher who teaches all subjects! Everything about these is customizable from the papers to the fonts I use. I will even send you an editable version of the cover page so that you can change the year or the school name if you ever change schools or you want to use the same look for future years.

Check out my newest one:

This was obviously custom made for a lover of hot pink, black and white! If you like this or want something completely different, email me at livelovemathtpt@gmail.com and we can work something out :) Just to clarify, yours won't have the LiveLoveMath logo on it. 

This almost makes me wish I hadn't made mine so early in the summer! Almost...

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