Sunday, July 21, 2013

July is Where ALL My Money Goes!

Seriously, I spend more money in July than I probably do in December! It doesn't matter that I just unpacked 20 boxes of just school supplies in my new classroom...there is always something new that I NEED. My husband is working on this...he thinks if he comes with me he can limit what I purchase. I want to state for the record that he was in tow for all purchases yesterday! (Disclaimer - he did not go into Hobby Lobby with me. His reasoning was that I take longer when he is with me but if he waits in the car, I seem to rush. Ha! We live in you can all see why his reasoning is silly. And of course Hobby Lobby is where I spent the most! I did, however, make sure to hurry so he wouldn't melt. I guess he was right. Darn it.)

Ok, the first stop of the day was at Office Max. They had glue sticks on sale for 25 cents (for a 4-pack) and I needed to pick up my labels for this project. I am still giddy over how it turned out!

Then, I went to Target to check out their dollar spot. I went to one further from my house the other day, and you never know if they have the same things. Boy am I glad I went! Look at these goodies!

I had been looking for a way to store my task cards, but the small coupon-sized organizers were too small for the ones that were 1/2 sheet sized. These are PERFECT! Only $1 each at Target.

Found these to go in my new toolbox! I think these flags would be great for INBs...I hope I can find more since these were the only two packages they had! Also, the sticky notes to the right? Those are made from brown craft paper! Amazing! I wanted to buy several...but remember, Hubs was there to keep me in line!

I am not sure why these are rotated...but you get the basic idea. They are magnets made from some of the best ecards. It is a great way for me to let some of my sarcasm out in my classroom!

I was about to walk to the register when I saw this set of 5 stamps for $3! They were self-inking which I love and a great way for me to reinforce good work in the classroom!

Then, I was off to Hobby Lobby. This whole summer, I said I wasn't going to get ner fabric for my bulletin board because I could reuse what I had from last year. This is what it looked like:

I LOVED it! However, my new bulletin board is 1/4 of the size, and I was worried the pattern would be too big. Then, it hit me! I had a gift card to Hob Lob and I could get a new pattern :) 

Isn't it wonderful!? I cannot wait to put it up! I couldn't just put up regular border either...I will be using tulle for the second year in a row. I wanted to steer away from pink...but that is the color that matched the best :)

And, finally, to add to my washi tape obsession...I had to get three new rolls! No idea what to do with these bad boys yet...but I'm excited to have them.

Can't wait to see what other deals I find this week!


  1. Danielle. Were the stamps in the dollar spot?

  2. I haven't seen those stamps either and I go to lots of Targets.... jealous!

    Hodges Herald

  3. Looked for them yesterday and didn't find them :(

  4. Yes, they were in the dollar spot! I really had to dig at mine, though!

  5. Thanks for sharing all your deals! I want those stamps too! I bought some at Lakeshore for like $20 and they are not as cute as those!!
    I will be stalking Target now for them!

    Laura ~ First Grade Spies