Sunday, August 4, 2013

Exit Tickets

I love using exit tickets in my classroom. It is a great way to formatively assess what a student knows or may not know after a lesson or two. They can either put their name on it, or it can be anonymous.

After attending CAMT this summer and sitting in 4mulafun's session about Interactive Notebooks, I wanted to change they way I did exit tickets a bit. She uses the method, "Post It, Prove It" where students answer a question on a post it note and post it on the piece of chart paper where she has posted the question. Students write their names on the back of the post-it so that others cannot see whose it belongs to. Here is her original blog post that goes much more in depth.

I made this poster to post on the wall where I am going to do this:
Clip art from Sonya Dehart and Ashley Hughes

Anyhow, I think I may assign numbers to students instead...I am not sure why, yet. I think I need to think this through a little more before I implement :) It's a good thing that I have a few weeks!

How do you handle exit tickets? Since I have 6 classes, the big challenge for me will be clearing them off between classes!


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  2. I love your poster! I use exit tickets randomly to check if my kiddos are understanding a concept. I have a "parking pass" poster and would have them stick a post-it on it as they leave... but your sign is SO much cuter!

    Floating Through Fifth

  3. Can't wait to see how you implement this as well as go your students respond this year.

    My original post is at

    1. Thank you for posting the original post! I knew I had seen it somewhere, but I guess I didn't go back far enough.