Monday, June 24, 2013

Excited for August

I know I am not alone--there have got to be some other teachers that start planning their first units before they go back for professional development at the end of the summer. I actually am teaching a new grade level before at a new I HAVE to start planning now so I don't get overwhelmed. Because it is a newer school (only 2 years old), there aren't near as many students as I am used to. That being said, there also aren't near as many teachers as I am used to.

I have always planned on a team and this year I won't have anyone but myself to rely on--oh, and my favorite stores on TpT!

There aren't very many secondary sellers on TpT (yet), but when you find a good can't help but want to buy all of their stuff! Enter Jennifer Lamb from Teaching High School Math! She has some great products for Pre-Algebra and Algebra that I cannot wait to use with the kids in the fall! Let me show you a few things that I have recently acquired:
It's actually a BUNDLE of Pre-Algebra Super Secret Number Puzzles! Right now there are 8 puzzles, and I am sure Jennifer has a few more in the works to add to the bundle. I purchased it when it was $3 to get all future products added to the bundle FOR FREE...Love it when I get a good deal. This was actually a special request that Jennifer did for me because I felt like the Algebra bundle would be too difficult for my kids...I am super happy I have this in my toolbox for next year!

I also just got these Angle Measurement Task Cards with QR Codes:
And I have already printed them out on cardstock to use! There are several reasons why these are great--
  1. These are not your average, run of the mill textbook-type questions. There is a reason why there are only 10 task cards...some of these are H-A-R-D and will make the kids think! Always a plus :)
  2. It incorporates Algebra into Geometry - literally my two favorite strands of math!
  3. QR CODES! Need I say more?? These are now self-checking and kids can assess where there mistakes are--PLUS, they are instantly engaged because they get to pull their phones out in class (strictly for instructional use...but still pretty taboo all the same!)
What great products/ideas have you discovered that you cannot wait to use in the fall? Comment below and leave some links for us to visit!

Have a great week,

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