Saturday, June 22, 2013

This is What Happens When I Get Bored in the Summer...

I know, I's summer! How could I possibly get bored? Well, we've spent the better part of the last week lounging around not doing a whole lot. I did get several new products uploaded to my TpT Store that I am rather excited about and presented at our district's technology conference so I guess I didn't completely waste away the week!

But, this brings me to my new "obsession"...creating fonts! I have always been in awe of people who create their own fonts that look so professional. I love several sellers' fonts on TpT (Cara Carroll, Kimberly Geswein just to name a few!) and I have often wondered "how the heck do they do that!?"

So, I sat down this afternoon while the hubs set off to read take a nap to do some research on how to exactly create a font. Sure, I knew how to do it online at sites like this one, where you print off the template and create each letter with black pen or marker, scan it back onto your computer and upload the file to the site. From there, your font is converted into your very own TTF--ready to be installed on your computer! Super cool, right? Only I knew there HAD to be an easier way that didn't require all of those extra steps...I know, first world problems, right??

Enter this app for iPad:

Yes, the iFontmaker app. DREAM COME TRUE!

So, while catching up on my favorite TV shows this afternoon, I knocked out these seven bad boys and put them up for sale on TpT:

Not only did I post them here on TpT, but I made them available as a LIFETIME LICENSE bundle with no additional license necessary to use for either personal or commercial use! In addition, no credit is required when selling products that you create with these fonts! 

There are currently 7 fonts in the bundle priced at a LOW $1.50, but as I add more fonts, the price will go up. If you jump on this deal NOW, you will be able to download all additional fonts FREE OF CHARGE!

Feel free to ask me any questions before you purchase, either in the comments below, or on TpT. 

Happy Saturday!

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