Friday, June 28, 2013

Ten Math Pin Linky Party!

This is the first time I am "linking up" with another blogger...because I couldn't resist that the theme of these one was to share your 10 favorite pinterest pins related to math! Let me clarify that I am a middle school math teacher, and most of the other posts I am seeing are for mine look a bit different that others. So, here goes!

**Disclaimer--I seriously have no idea what other people are doing when they "link up" so if I did it wrong or look like an idiot...please tell me!:) **

Ok, now we are ready:

1. I love this way to store dice for a game. I did this last summer (it did take me FOREVER to find the perfect size containers), BUT it ended up being fabulous for classroom management when kids were playing games and I no longer had dice flying throughout the room--remember--middle school!?

2. I LOVE the idea of a "movie trailer" to show before you introduce a new unit. I have only previewed a few...but it is worth a look, right?

3. If you know me at all, you know I (as well as my students this year) LOVE to play Bazinga...Of course, I use it for math--but it is general enough that you can use it for any subject since you create the questions you want to review your kids with. The Bazinga board part is just a way to keep them engaged:)

4. The next thing I love is this word wall. This blows away the one that I made myself...need to purchase!

5. If you use interactive notebooks in your classroom, you need this...anytime a student would ask, "Do I have to write this down???" I would just respond with, "What is Rule #6?" By October, the kids would answer that question for me. They own their work when they have their own notes and things to refer to. This goes on the inside front cover of their notebooks and they sign it the first week of school.

6. I saw these at the training I attended this week. LOVE them. These are for pre-algebra, but they also have a set for basic facts as well...let me warn you--these puppies are not cheap! I actually found them cheaper on is a very kinesthetic alternative to flashcards and the kids love it.

7. Like many of you, I have purchased Jen Runde's Interactive Math Journal from is phenomenal for incorporating more writing in the math classroom as well as facilitating good note-taking. Here is a pin that leads to her blog with tons of good ideas!

8. This is a poster that I have in my classroom - and I love it!

9. I have already blogged about these...but I don't care. I can't wait to use these--would be GREAT for sub plans!

10. And, last but not least...task card organization!

I hope you find some of these pins interesting!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I am going to check out the learning wraps - my boy is in pre-algebra!

  2. I just LOVE the dice containers too! I've seen a similar idea elsewhere and always loved it! I must say having year 8 and 9 students myself, they can contain dice well without a container (but there is always one exception!) :)

    Thanks for the link up and all the great pins you talked about too!

    Liz - BaysideMathTeacher