Monday, January 13, 2014

A Case of the Mondays...

Two posts two days in a row?? Are pigs flying?? Just kidding...but after my 2 month hiatus from blogging I am super proud of myself that I am getting two blog posts in this week! Since I like to live on the edge, I just might get a third in. Hold on to your hats, people. You just never know what to expect with me.

Today is Monday. I don't know one teacher that loves Mondays. I certainly don't love them more than, say, Saturday. See, I love to wear yoga pants and other pants without buttons. For some reason, that is frowned upon (who made these rules?) at work. I know, right? Just think about how much more productive I would be in yoga pants or even flannel pajama pants. Ahh, one can dream right?

At least in our district they are pushing the college and career readiness stuff and all staff can wear jeans with college shirts on Mondays! That is something to look forward to for sure. But, I wish it could be college themed pajama pants. Because, that is one well put together outfit. Maybe with a collegiate snuggie. I am out of control I tell you. If only I ruled the world!

There, I am in a better mood now. Why? Because it is time to put my PJs on :)

Have a wonderful week!


  1. First of all, I love that you have posted so much! Keep it coming girl!

    Secondly, I love yoga pants and lived in them during Christmas break. Even on NYE, I told everyone I couldn't go back to work because I can't wear my yoga pants!!! Maybe it was the wine talking, but it is so true!

    Happy Monday! (well, Tuesday actually)

    Hodges Herald

  2. I actually had a fabulous Monday yesterday. It was Pajama Day at school. I have a solution to your yoga pant problem....palazzo pants. Check out White Plum Boutique. They have some, but several times a week has them much, much cheaper. I even ordered some off eBay. They are yoga pants in disguise. I have bought four pairs in the past month!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'