Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ahh, Wednesday!

Yesterday, also known as the day I wrote my third post of the week, I thought about saying something like, "be sure to check back tomorrow for post #4!" But then I felt like I was "committing" to writing a post today and I just can't deal with that kind of pressure. So I deleted that line. 

But, I am sitting in a pedicure chair and all I could think about what I would put in today's post. 

And, as luck would have it, it hit me. 

I am exhausted and it is ONLY Wednesday. Why? Because I have spent two days with my crazy 8th graders on the computer lab. I need a drink, I tell you. A strong one. 

Now, remember, I am not one of those teachers who never uses technology and then those days that are spent in the computer lab you feel like a fish out of the water. No. That is not me. HOWEVER, my kids act like they don't know what double-clicking on something will do when we enter the computer lab. As if they don't know what technology is. It literally blows. my. mind. 

So, I sit here, in my nail salon getting a WELL-DESERVED pedicure because I have been on my feet answering a million questions for the past two days. I'm not sure why this makes it all better, but it does. 

Oh, and I have a team leader meeting tomorrow, and that's kinda like having a day off. Not really, but it is a change of scenery!

And then I'll be back on Friday, and then it will be the weekend and then it's like, "where did this week go??"

How is your week going?

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